Must Haves for Travel with Kids

There are some things we found that helped us travel more smoothly with our kids. Some of them were items, others were just strategies we gained along the way.

  1. iPads, tablets, and Kindles are amazing inventions and have completely transformed the way families can travel! We ended up getting each of our kids an iPad so they could do their school work online, but these ended up being fantastic for downloading movies, books, and music for them to travel with.
  2. Snacks and water. Each kid had a carry-on backpack with snacks and a water bottle they could fill up once we got through security.
  3. Travel days. We would dedicate a whole day to travel, scheduling the flights for after lunch, when possible. We would get to the airport early, check in, and go through security, leaving enough time to get some lunch before the flight. Making a whole day of it was the most relaxing, stress-free way to travel.
  4. Earbuds or headphones. These were important, especially if the kids watched movies or listened to music on their electronics.
  5. Sweatshirt or jacket. Even in the warmer months, I would have the kids pack a sweatshirt. This way they would have something to lay on if they wanted to lay down.
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