Blue Air

We have flown Blue Air twice and I was impressed by this airline both times. For the lowest tier, this airline only allows one hand bag to carry on the plane, of which can only way up to 10kg. There are two other ticket tier options and also two options for check-in baggage (up to 20kg and up to 32kg) for pretty competitive prices.

Their seats are actually really comfortable compared to other European budget airlines we have flown and their staff is very friendly. We enjoyed free snacks on one flight and a free meal with drinks on the next flight–which was an added bonus to their service. They also have family check-in lines at some airports, which is an added bonus as well.

Blue Air has many flight destinations mostly in southern Europe, but they also have some flights to the UK, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, Germany, and Romania and they also have flights to Israel.

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