Costa Brava, Spain

After traveling every week this fall, we got tired. It began to really wear on the kids and traveling was more a dread than excitement. We even had what we called “travel days”, where we would basically take one whole day to get to an airport, fly to our destination, move in, and crash. This would always be followed by a “home day” the next day so that everyone would be able to rest after that exhausting day.

Thus, this month of January, we are trying something new. I found a wonderful home to rent for the month in Costa Brava, Spain. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, a pool, yard, a climbing tree, it’s a 10 minute walk (or 2 minute drive) to a beautiful beach, and steps from restaurants and grocery stores. The kids and I will be hunkering down for the month while my husband travels the weeks he needs to travel in January.


Monday we will start back up schooling for the kids after their holiday break, but this week we are discussing learning and academic goals for each one of them for the end of the school year. My desire is that they set their own goals, that way they can take responsibility and pride in the work that they end up doing. My hope is that they will be journaling more on their blog pages, and I think less travel will help with that.

It is nice to see the kids immediately relaxing in our home for the month. It is nice to have sunshine and warmer weather and space to spread out and relax. I’m looking forward to many outdoor school days! It is also nice to see the kids go back to doing things that they love. Peyton got a baseball precision trainer bat and the yard is big enough for him and his dad to practice with that bat and play catch. Reagan got some paints and a small easel, so she has taken up her love of art and painting again. Kaitlyn and Liam got a soccer ball, and between that and the pool, climbing tree, and bugs, they are in heaven playing with each other.



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