Urban Merino

This company is based out of the UK and has a fairly small selection of clothes, but they have a variety of colors in each style, which makes it a larger selection than other websites. They are a bit pricey, but again, that seems to be how it goes when you’re purchasing clothes made out of Merino Wool. Bonus here: with this company, you can sign up on their website and get a 15% off coupon, which I love :).

We ordered a super cute dress from Urban Merino. My daughter thought it was a little itchy at first, but with a base layer underneath it and after a few wears, it softened up and was perfect to dress up or down. We liked this dress so much that we ordered another one and they are still going strong a year and a half later!

We also ordered some pants from these guys. The pants were warm and comfortable while they lasted. Both my kiddos wore them throughout the year and eventually the knees wore out–which after a year of hard wear and tear, happens with other pants as well.

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