I did it! It has taken me about 8 months to put it together, but I did it! Over the two years we were traveling I kept a journal of poems and prayers that I put together into a small book. As of today, it is published and you can get it through Amazon using this link. 

I can’t help but second guess myself and wonder if anyone will like it, for it’s not in story form…it is a handful of poems, prayers, and things I learned written over the course of our two years of travel. Essentially, they are a window into my soul. My hope, in making them public, is to encourage others to take times of solitude and silence so they can befriend and get to know their own souls. Use these prayers for yourself or make up your own soul-prayers. Either way, may your prayer-life be encouraged and enriched!

And of course…if you like it, good reviews on Amazon are always welcome :).

soul cries cover page

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