I was pleasantly surprised by the loveliness of Cheltenham. It’s a quaint little town with a cathedral-polka-dotted skyline full of shops, row-houses, parks, and pathways. It’s a town that gives off a sort of enchanted feeling, for as you stroll around the narrow streets, it’s easy to go back in time and picture people of old shopping, wandering, laughing and playing along those same streets.

Pittville Park was the highlight for my kiddos. With a huge children’s play area and a small animal refuge center (by small, I mean there are 3-4 cages with chickens, birds, and a rabbit) my kiddos were in heaven. They also have a small cafe, which is perfect for parents and/or caretakers who want to sit and enjoy a hot cup of coffee and relax while their children expend their energy on the swings, obstacle courses, zip-line, or climbing ropes.

Because we visited mid-November, some of the shops were getting ready for Christmas. This means Christmas decorations go up, lights are everywhere, and the holiday cheer is beginning to spread. This also means that I was in my element. The Christmas season is my favorite time of year, so seeing lights and decorations go up makes me happy and giddy.

I would love to go back to Cheltenham when the days are a bit longer and the weather is a bit warmer. Despite the chilliness of weather and that it was dark by 4pm, I think it just may be up there in my top-favorite cities we have visited.


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