Wizz Air

Believe it or not, there is actually an airline called Wizz Air. You can imagine the jokes we have had as a family around the name of this airline! For those of you who don’t understand…”wizz” in the US is another way of saying “having to go to the bathroom” or “I have to urinate”. So, yes, as soon as we found out there was an airline called Wizz Air, we absolutely couldn’t wait to check it out!

They fly to and from most major cities in the UK and EU and even into Russia, Israel, Morocco, and parts of the Middle East. You can bring one handbag that weighs no more than 10kgs and they have a discount club for families for an annual membership fee. They also have different ticket tiers you can purchase, offering check-in baggage weights for 20kgs and 32 kgs bags for fairly reasonable prices. If you know you are going to check in a bag, though, make sure you purchase the check-in luggage online, as purchasing this at the check-in counter is expensive (as with all other airlines).

Their seats aren’t the most comfortable or spacious we have sat in, but they work. They also have food for purchase, which is convenient if you get hungry on their flight. It’s basically like a giant bus, and you may have to walk outside to get on and off your plane.

I actually really liked Wizz Air. They were on-time, had friendly service, and their website is easy to use.


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