Krakow in the spring

I like Krakow in the spring! The trees are all in bloom, it’s not too cold and rainy all the time, and the city comes alive with people–aaand, I didnt get food poisoning!

I was pleasantly surprised to find a wonderful mini-Easter market in the city center. There were booths that reminded me of the much larger European Christmas markets. Most of the items were all handmade by the sellers–I was in heaven!

There was a booth with many hand-made wooden Jewish rabbis in various poses. Liam was so enamoured with them that the artist that made them motioned for him to come and sit at his old fashioned woodworking bench. He proceeded to take a piece of wood, draw a flower on it and then took Liam’s hands and showed him how to carve the flower. It was an experience none of us will forget! And of course, we just had to buy one of those wooden Jewish rabbis–and it is Liam’s favorite toy now :). 

Reagan found a beeswax booth. These artists were making candles and soaps out of beeswax. She was excited to learn how they poured the beeswax into the cilicone molds and then took them out when they were dry. 

Peyton…well, being an almost teenage boy with an unquenchable appetite…found the dried salami booth. He sampled a couple of the dried salamis and we ended up with two different types to bring home–both of which were gone by the next day 😳. 

Kaitlyn–once she saw the man that Liam bought, decided she wanted one too. So, the next day, much to my delight and the dismay of my 12-year-old who hates shopping, we went back to the market and found her a Jewish rabbi she could buy. 

In the center, there is a large building full of more permanent shops and my husband wanted to walk through there. While we were there, he found the most beautiful hand-painted copy of Rublev’s Holy Trinity–so we got it. Someday, if we ever end up deciding to settle down somewhere, we will make sure that has a special place in our house. 

All-in-all, our second trip to Krakow was lovely. As we speak, we are now on our way to Warszaw, by train. We will be spending the night at a hotel and then taking a plane down to Dubrovnik. My husband has the week off, so we will all get to explore that city together! Dubrovnik has been on our bucket-list of places to visit, so I am very excited!

As for Easter, this year we will be celebrating Easter at an Easter Orthodox Church in Dubrovnik. It will be a very interesting experience! Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter weekend!


Author: Jennie.Denney

Jennie lives in Southern California with her husband and four children. She loves to travel, write poetry, and be by the water. She received a certificate of the Bible through Torchbearers Bible School, attended Hope International University for her undergrad, received a certificate in Spiritual Formation through the Apprentice Experience at Friends University, and a Masters degree in Pastoral Studies. She has written Soul Cries: A Book of Poems, Soul Cries: A Journal, and her newest book is Shaping the Soul: An Artist Collective. She owns and manages, where she writes a weekly blog with stories, practices, and lessons she is learning, to help her readers know they are not alone in their own becoming and encouraging them to connect with God. Follow her on IG @jennie.denney and Pinterest @jenniferpdenney.

3 thoughts on “Krakow in the spring”

  1. Have a wonderful Easter and week in Dubrovnik. It has also been on my bucket list Jennie. Sending lots of hugs from Austin. I’ll fly on home to Santa Fe tomorrow. Easter Sunday at my church and Easter lunch at Larsen’s home with friends. . . Then to unpack and get Casa Crews opended up and a Spring cleaned. Sending ❤️ to you all. Lizzie


  2. I commend you guys for affording an amazing opportunity for the kids to experience. Wow! Be blessed during your upcoming adventures. Happy Easter! Much love to you all.


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