Pulling a Jennie #2

There’s this new website called Skyscanner which allows you to put in your starting airport and as your destination, as long as you have dates, you can actually say “anywhere”. Once entering “anywhere” Skyscanner will begin to give you a list of the cheapest destinations from your current location. It’s pretty awesome!

There was a week my husband had off, which is nice when you’re in Europe in the late fall because travel is super cheap which allows you to pretty much go anywhere. Anyways, that week we were in Krakow, Poland. Don’t get me wrong, I really did like Krakow. It was a beautiful city. Cold and rainy but beautiful and incredibly cheap in everything from food to places to stay. Despite liking Krakow, we wanted to head a bit south to get into some warmer weather. After searching Skyscanner, my husband found that it was only $37 per person to fly from Krakow to Madrid. I’ve never been to Madrid and I do speak some Spanish so I was pretty excited about the idea of heading down to Spain. So, he booked the flights and then I began looking for places to stay.

Once finding out where we’re headed it usually takes me a few days of searching to find a place that fits all of our family’s needs for a week. So, after finding a few places, I approached my husband for the final say in where we would stay in Madrid. As he looked at the places I had chosen, he looked back into his emails to check what time we would be getting into Madrid–and I kept seeing him look from his email to the map of places I had up on the computer screen. He did this for some time, which I found a bit odd.

Finally he spoke, “Uh, so I’m not exactly sure how to say this…but do you remember when you booked me to Bimidji?” I said, “Yes. Thank you very much. I was just starting to forgive myself for that.” He got this cheeky grin on his face and said, “Well, I think I just topped that. It looks like somehow instead of buying us tickets to Madrid I got us tickets to Balogna.” “Balogna? Where is that?” I asked a bit shocked. He googled the airport code for Balogna and smiled, “Uh, it looks like we’re going back to Italy.” I grinned and could barely contain my laughter as I blurted out, “Looks like you pulled a Jennie!” His response was priceless, “At least when you booked me to Bimidji it was the same state! I booked us to the wrong country! How the heck did I do that?” Thankfully we had not booked a place in Madrid yet, and it wasn’t a big deal since my husband was off for the week, so we were able to get a good laugh about that.

Now, I’m sure Balogna is a beautiful city, but seriously, when you think you’re going to Madrid and you’re excited about it and then you’re told to hold that thought and in all actuality you will instead be flying to Balogna–it is a bit of a let down. I Googled Balogna and found that it did look like a nice city, but we had just spent the week before in Naples and I really didn’t have any desire to go to Balogna. The more I looked though, I found that it was only about an hour train ride into Florence. Now, THAT sounded kind of nice. I had never been to Florence and I found myself feeling a little bit better about the thought of flying into Balogna and taking a train down to Florence–and that’s what we did and it ended up being a wonderful week!


Author: Jennie.Denney

Jennie lives in Southern California with her husband and four children. She loves to travel, write poetry, and be by the water. She received a certificate of the Bible through Torchbearers Bible School, attended Hope International University for her undergrad, received a certificate in Spiritual Formation through the Apprentice Experience at Friends University, and a Masters degree in Pastoral Studies. She has written Soul Cries: A Book of Poems, Soul Cries: A Journal, and her newest book is Shaping the Soul: An Artist Collective. She owns and manages www.jenniedenney.com, where she writes a weekly blog with stories, practices, and lessons she is learning, to help her readers know they are not alone in their own becoming and encouraging them to connect with God. Follow her on IG @jennie.denney and Pinterest @jenniferpdenney.

One thought on “Pulling a Jennie #2”

  1. Oh Jennie
    What a wonderful time you are having! We are in Chile and loving reconnecting with out dear friends. Everyone wants to send their love to our family.

    We miss you and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Love you tons!


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