An Introduction

I am 32 years old–ok, almost 33. I have a wonderful husband, 4 beautiful children, a dog named Runner, and a cat named Gru. My husband is a Software Architect and Consultant and we own our own business. Because of the nature of my husbands’ work, he travels. A lot. More than any parent should. This has been difficult over the years–growing especially harder–as our children get older.

Our schedule has always been a little bit crazy, but it didn’t catch up with me until this last spring. We had 4 kids in three different schools. We had a son in baseball that was two practices a week plus one private lesson a week and that doesn’t include the games. We had two of our kiddos in soccer which was one practice a week each and two games on Saturdays. All four children were in rock climbing once a week and our last child was taking an art class one evening a week. All of this and my husband was gone most of the time. I finally looked around at us one day and said, “This is crazy! What are we doing? We don’t eat dinner at home anymore, the kids are fighting all the time, we are all tired–something has to change!” So, because of this, and maybe also because we’re crazy, my husband and I decided to do something radical.

We decided that the pace of life we were living was not working for us. Something needed to change drastically. After much talking and praying a 2 week opportunity came up for my husband in the spring in Europe and we decided to take the kids with us. This ended up being a trial run for an idea I had had one night.

That night, I’m not sure what had happened, but I do know that it was in the middle of our crazy spring, I looked at my husband and I said, “why don’t we just go with you? Our lease is up at the end of June, so we wouldn’t have to sell our house–what if we just moved to Europe with you and traveled around with you for a while?” And that was the beginning of our journey to where we are now.

This is what I’m going to be writing about. You’ll find out about our initial trip to Europe, our preparations for this long trip, and soon, it will be filled with pages about what we’re doing and learning. My hope is that as you read through not just my pages, but the pages that my children will be adding to this, that you will join in the discussion, asking them questions about what they’re experiencing and learning about.

So, next week, all six of us are headed over to Europe. Each week my husband will work in a different location, which means we will be living out of our suitcases and living in a different Airbnb location each week. Thus, we will be the Nomad Family.

We took our kids out of school for the year to homeschool them while we travel. We will be taking field trips and learning about European history; we will be learning currencies and exchange rates; we will be learning languages and cultures and it will be a year we won’t ever forget! I hope you join us in following our adventures!